Stress-free real estate

Real estate is a wide-ranging and often complicated matter, with specific terminology, laws and technicalities: deed, right of purchase, mortgage file, renovation fund, easements and charges, indirect depreciation, TUI, rental value, are just some of the topics to be addressed and clarified during the purchase or sale phase.
Our role is to make this simple.

Consultants as well as real estate agents

Many real estate agents are often mere ‘door openers’ with no specific technical training.
On the other hand, we believe that technical knowledge of the subject is essential to give you the support you need. This is why we can provide a whole range of services to make the process as easy and pleasant as possible.
Selling your property
You can rely on us for the whole process of selling your property.
Property search
Looking to find your dream home? We will advise and guide you to it.
Financial analysis
A Federal certified and registered financial advisor will assist you.
Lands and projects
Get help from experts in the industry to achieve the potential of your land.
Property assessment
Want to know the value of your property? Find out how much it’s worth.
Mortgage and taxes
We’ll suggest the best strategy to optimise your real estate financially.

Our exclusive deals

This is just a few of the properties we have available. If you already have a clear idea and are looking for someone to help you find the perfect property for you, feel free to contact us now.

Rent to Buy

It is increasingly common to encounter situations where one has the income needed to purchase a property but may not have the liquidity for the initial deposit that banks require.
In many cases the solution could be our rent to buy, the pay as you go solution already widely used abroad.

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