Still wondering whether or not you can buy?

There are many factors to take into account when making the decision to buy a property.
You need to assess your affordability based on your income and financial situation. You also need to take into account the market situation and the tax impact of owning a property.
Independent and impartial
Our one and only priority is the benefit of our customers.
Confidentiality and data security
We are bound by professional secrecy, your data is safe.
Real-time valuation
We take into account market fluctuations and the fiscal framework.
Long-term sustainability
Let’s plan your peaceful and sustainable future together.
Whether you are looking or have already found the right one for you, if you are still wondering whether or not you can buy, rely on us for financial advice to make sure you make the right move.

A federally qualified financial advisor on your side

You can arrange a meeting with one of our federally qualified and registered financial advisors who will explain everything you need to know:
Your sustainability
i.e. how far you can go with the purchase based on your income and financial situation.
Assessing the market rates
Situation in real time so that you understand how much you will actually spend once you have made the purchase.
The fiscal impact
Of owning a property and how to minimise it.
What the value of your property will be
in the future for long-term planning purposes.
All this will allow you to have the financing ready to proceed with the purchase, once you have found the right property.

Mortgage revaluation and taxes

If you are seeking financial advice to revalue your mortgage, optimise the taxation generated by the property, change the type of amortisation, or obtain liquidity from the capital gain already generated over the years, we are here to help.
Often a simple change from direct to indirect depreciation brings huge tax benefits.
Or maybe you have made a purchase and are now wondering how you will be able to afford your house when you retire, how much the bank will ask you to repay in order to keep it affordable, whether you will be able to carry out the necessary renovations.
For these and other questions we are at your disposal with competence and expertise.
You can rely on professionals who can show you the best strategy to follow in order to financially optimise your property.

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