Do you own land but don't know exactly how much it is worth, how to sell it, what can be built on it?

Let experts help you realise the potential of your land free of charge, so that you can see whether you should develop it yourself or sell it.
We cooperate with the best architectural firms and builders on the market, who are constantly looking for land for development and new projects and will be happy to develop a free feasibility study.

Management of large estates

For large plots of land with large SUL developments, we have contacts with the most important institutional players such as funds and pension funds. Often they are the only ones with the financial strength to carry out such projects.
These possibilities are treated off-market in a totally confidential manner, so that there is no exposure on the part of the seller, as required in these situations.
It is possible that there are already active searches for your land area.
Very often there are specific interests in particular types of property, with earmarked funds, or architectural studies ready for development.
In all these cases we will be happy to submit your land to those who can develop it in the best possible way and conclude the negotiations quickly and seriously.

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