Tired of "throwing money away" by paying rent?

Do you have the income to buy a property but lack the initial 20%?

These days, this is a more and more common condition.
In many cases the perfect solution can be Rent to Buy, the rent-to-own solution already widely used abroad.
When there is a willingness on the part of the tenant to consider selling the property to the tenant in the future, arrangements can be made for part of what you pay as rent to be taken into account for the down payment on the purchase.
If you would like to explore this solution we will sit down with you to analyse your finances and work out together how soon you can finally get the keys to your home.
It is possible that it can already be applied to the same flat you live in, alternatively we will try to find one on the market; the important thing is to take the first step.

The obstacle of 20% of the purchase price

The big hurdle that prevents many people from proceeding with the purchase of a property straight away is the fact that you must have 20% of the purchase price in the form of savings, whether cash or a pension fund. In fact, at least 10% must be available in cash or Third Pillar, with the rest coming from the pension fund.
Maybe you have some of this money today, but not all of it. By planning with the help of a financial advisor to set aside an amount each month in different forms, you can manage to define a date when you will have enough money to buy.
Moreover, you can contract this will so that someone else does not take your property. The important thing is to act now.
Once you have bought your first property your expenses will decrease and you will be better able to plan your future and stop wasting money on rent.

Your personal advisor

Many people have been turned down by the bank when applying for a mortgage and have given up, thinking that they are not up to such a large financial commitment. Maybe the reality was that they just hadn’t planned their finances properly.
The task of our financial advisors is to guide you and juggle your numbers until you have the perfect situation to buy a house. The system is very simple, it only takes a few tens of minutes to analyse your situation and plan a financial strategy that will allow you to fulfil your dream of buying a house for your family.
Of course we cannot promise miracles. But if there are solid foundations on which to build, we will certainly be able to find a solution.

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