Why put your trust in us?

Swiss Living Immobiliare was founded on the convergence of many years of expertise in real estate brokerage and financing, in order to offer its clients a “one stop” strategy where, in addition to the real estate proposal, they can also find the best financing and the best purchase strategy.
The synergies created in the region allow us to have long-standing relationships with leading builders, architects, real estate developers and other real estate agencies. This enables us to have access to numerous objects even when they are not directly under our management, projects that are not yet on the market, objects under confidential negotiation, or to find solutions for our clients that are not advertised, or that will never be advertised.
At the same time, we have access to the best market conditions for mortgages, often at rates not offered to the public, also through banks not operating locally that finance from other cantons on an exclusive basis.

Why are we "your property experts"?

The real estate market is wide-ranging and often complicated, with specific terminology, laws and technicalities that are not always obvious: deed, right of purchase, mortgage file, renovation fund, easements and charges, indirect depreciation, TUI, rental value, etc. are just some of the topics that need to be addressed and clarified during the purchase or sale phase.
Our role is to make all this mass of information, which is often incomprehensible and in which it is easy to get confused, easy to understand and decipher, so as not to get lost in the maze of notions that one should know before taking such an important step.
Many real estate agents are often mere ‘door openers’ with no specific technical training, who can answer the most basic questions such as square metres and rooms, but would not know how to explain the difference between floor ownership and building rights for example.
On the contrary, we believe that technical knowledge of the subject is essential to give you the support you need.
We will facilitate the process as much as possible and be the filter between the market and your property, the experts who will help you make the process as easy and pleasant as possible, without surprises and setbacks.

Federico Colombari, expert consultant

My name is Federico Colombari, I am the Federal Certified Financial Advisor of Swiss Living Immobiliare.
For years my task has consisted in analysing the financial situation of my clients, whether they are tenants or owners, and in exploiting all the tax and real estate market possibilities to secure the perfect scenario for buying or selling a house.
In many years of activity in the Ticinese and national real estate market, I have built and consolidated a network of contacts that enables me to tackle the most demanding challenges.

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